Parents must fill out our enrollment form with all the required information. You must also pay a registration fee and have your child’s vaccinations up to date. The Florida Certification of Immunization and results from a physical exam that your child’s pediatrician will provide is also required.

We offer a part-time schedule for 5 hours or less and a full time schedule all day from 7:00am to 6:30pm.

Yes. Your child can begin the program at World of Kids Academy as part-time (up to 5 hours in the center) and then move on to full-time, as long as you notify our offices in advance.

Yes. We are part of the Government Childcare Food Program.

Sure, we love celebrations! Your child can celebrate his/her birthday in the classroom. You must bring your party goods and cake, and coordinate the celebration with the head teacher. Parties are celebrated only on Fridays.

No. Your child may not be with us if he/she has a fever, or shows signs of illness. When your child recovers, he/she may only come back to World of Kids Academy with a “Return to School” note from the doctor.
Yes. Even though your child will not attend school, tuition must be paid in order to keep his/her enrollment. World of Kids Academy offers each child two weeks a year during which no pay is required (these weeks may be taken as vacation or sick time).
These weeks could be taken together or separately after three months of your child enrollment in the center. The parent must notify the center of your child’s absence in advance.

Our center is designed in way that every person that enters is monitored by our front desk personnel. In addition, video surveillance cameras run 24/7 and are strategically located in each classroom, capturing every movement of the personnel and the visitors